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Thinking about Giving Up On Your Road to Recovery?

Here are 17 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t!

The road to recovery isn’t without its bumps, but the end of the journey is so worth it. Sometimes, though, those bumps can knock you off course and you might need to be reminded why you started down the path to begin with. There are probably hundreds of reasons for you personally to continue on your road to recovery. Do you have a family member that is supporting you? Are you looking to get back to supporting your children? Do you want to be able to wear a short sleeve shirt without being embarrassed by track marks? Do you want to not shiver during the summer months? These are all good reasons to stay on the road to recovery. Start writing them down. I’ll help you get started with these 17 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on recovery and you should keep doing it.

17 Reasons Why

There are three ways that exercise can help an addict in recovery:

  1. Do it to give yourself back that sense of accomplishment you once had
  2. Do it to gain confidence that you are better than your addiction
  3. Do it so you can be that person that you’ve always wanted to be
  4. Do it so you can move on to the next big thing in your life
  5. Do it for all of those who are supporting you in your efforts
  6. Do it so you can be that responsible parent you haven’t been in so long
  7. Do it so your life story can have a happy ending when it is all said and done
  8. Do it to stop wishing and to start living
  9. Do it to get your self-confidence back
  10. Do it to be in control of your own body and mind
  11. Do it so you can stop hiding from your problems and start conquering them
  12. Do it because you deserve better than you have now
  13. Do it to prove to yourself that you are okay with your reflection
  14. Do it to achieve your dreams
  15. Do it so you can be an inspiration to others in your life
  16. Do it because you are ready to stop comparing yourself to others
  17. Do it so you can continue to be honest with your friends and family

These are just a few reasons for you to continue along the path of recovery. You can probably think of dozens more. But for right now, take the time to look at these statements and write them down. You are worthy of a great life and each step you take in recovery gets you closer to it. By posting these messages around your house or near your computer, you’ll always be close to a reason not to give up. I know that there are times when you will be down on yourself, but having these statements around can literally be the difference between thinking you are all alone and remembering that you are not alone and that there are reasons for you to keep going. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but you always need little lights to help you along your way!

As a recovering addict (alcohol, but yes, i’ve tried heroin for a few many years ago) it has helped me stay sober to volunteer at the rehab where i went. i never got back my old job, my girlfriend flew 4 states away with our son & my family are doubtful i will stay clean & sober for long. lonely right? yes but i cope. i know the people i love have qualified reasons for not having anything to do with me. four years of ugly drinking, failing rehab for the first try, hanging out with the wrong people, trying street drugs which ended in overdose – who would love that person forever? but i hang in here, lonely but coping the right way. i find meaning in helping out others kick their habit, i am meeting new people who source out their strength in me, i have made new friends who are resolved to helping me in this road to recovery. over all, i know i lost some but i’m quite ok with moving on & gaining some as well.

Alex F.