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Reasons that a Heroin Intervention May Be Unavoidable for Recovery

You may have heard that people struggling with dependence have to hit “rock bottom” before they are able to accept help. Oftentimes this translates into standing aside and letting the person struggling with dependence deal with his or her own problems. The initial belief was that you could do nothing to stop the course of addiction and may even end up doing harm in the process, when you try to intervene. It is critical to get help as soon as possible. And there are insurance options available to assist with the cost.

Studies have shown that engaging a heroin interventionist to address addiction as quickly as possible is beneficial and may even help avoid serious consequences. In fact, a study published in the Drugs: Education, Prevention, and Policy journal provided empirical evidence that living with a person struggling with dependence can lead to long-term stress for family members. This also puts these third parties at risk for their own set of health problems; even more reason to act quickly.

Why You Need an Intervention

Remember that heroin addiction can affect the brain. When family members say, “I don’t even know who this person is anymore,” they are not lying. The person that they once knew, has a completely different set of priorities in his/her life. Oftentimes they will want to keep using, ignoring the fact that their social life and physical well being is crumbling beneath them. In situations such as these, it is important to address the issue; to make sure that the user understands that the current situation cannot continue as it is.

heroin intervention

If the person struggling with heroin addiction does not feel ready to make a change, having a heroin addiction interventionist could motivate them to seek the change necessary. Sometimes people seek treatment when they realize that they are in danger of losing the chance to see their children, grandchildren, when they are told that others will no longer cover for them at work or will no longer help them financially. According to a study published in the journal Substance Abuse and Misuse, some were not convinced to seek help until they had no other option: enter rehabilitation or go to jail. This should demonstrate that concerned family members need all the help that they can get for this serious issue.

The Planning Stages and the Follow-up

Remember, having a heroin intervention is not just about sitting someone down and airing grievances; it is about addressing the issue and pleading for change. Though it may not always appear that way on television shows that depict a dramatized portrayal of the event, the actual process itself is highly structured. Oftentimes there is a specific format to follow, led by a professional heroin addiction interventionist. Having a professional drug interventionist helps maintain the flow of communication. If it feels as though family members and loved ones are ganging up on the person struggling with dependence, chances are they will shut down almost immediately.

heroin addiction interventionist

You want to consider hiring a professional interventionist if any of the following is true about the user:

  • Has a confirmed or suspected mental illness
  • Has a deep sense of denial about heroin use
  • Has shown suicidal tendencies in the past
  • Has a history of violence

During the initial planning stages, there is more to it than organizing the process itself. It gives family members and loved ones a chance to learn about the addiction from the heroin addiction interventionist. This is beneficial because the person struggling with a dependency often cannot walk the path of sobriety alone, support from the people close to him/her is important. When discussing the selfish behavior that many addicts show, the professional can help third parties understand the difference between the person struggling with dependence and the behavior that the addiction is causing. Remember that the person struggling with heroin addiction is not the only one embarking on this road.

Finding New Ways to Communicate

Some family members or loved ones are going to need to communicate with the addict in completely new ways. Oftentimes there are years of frustration and anger, broken promises or hurt feelings. Even though expressing these frustrations may be liberating during that moment itself, chances are that they will not help the person in recovery. Studies have shown that when third parties use supportive and positive language, it is much more likely to have a positive result than expressing hostility or anger.

Employing a heroin addiction interventionist present also means that the family members have help with seeking a recovery program in the event that the heroin intervention is successful. If the intervention does work, it is important to strike the proverbial iron while it is hot and help the patient into a treatment facility that meets the needs of their particular situation. During this time, family members can determine what services are covered, what the insurance plan will pay for and what possible options are best. These are important questions to address beforehand because you would not want to waste time with it afterwards, when you feel pressed for time.

Having the Actual Intervention

Having a professional interventionist there will help create the right atmosphere. For that very reason, it is important to select the right counselor that is going to help you on your way. Remember that dependency can be a personal, deeply emotional subject; it is common to see shouting matches erupt between the parties involved. Having an impartial third party available to help you guide the conversation is going to be beneficial for everyone and guarantees that you have the best possible chance of obtaining the result you want. Remember, the purpose of an intervention is to push the user into seeking help; it is not a solution in itself. You should not expect this mediation to clear up long-standing heroin addiction – it is merely the first step on a journey towards recovery and nothing more. However, that first step may be the hardest one that you have to take.

How Do You Find an Experienced Heroin Addiction Interventionist?

If you believe that someone close to you could benefit from an intervention, you can call Trusted Heroin Rehab to find professional interventionists who have the qualifications and experience necessary to help you with your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, or are ready to get professional help, we are here for you.