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Why Holistic Heroin Rehabs are Best

Holistic Heroin Rehabs

When people think of drug rehab, they often think of the traditional 12-step program. Thankfully, there are many other options available for people seeking treatment. We say thankfully, because empirical evidence has demonstrated that a traditional 12-step program simply does not work any better than a person trying to rehab themselves without the aid of any outside assistance. There are several reasons why the traditional programs are not successful and why people are choosing alternative rehabs en masse.

Let us look at a few things that the traditional 12-step program tells people who seek help:

  • They label you as an addict for life – The traditional 12-step program labels someone as an addict for the rest of their life. These programs suggest that a person is consumed by a disease that they can’t possibly hope to ever overcome. They claim that you can only hope to suppress this disease, as long as you decide to keep coming back to these meetings over and over again. Even then, you are prone to relapse. This method does not empower someone; it does not make them feel as though they are in control of their own destiny.
  • A culture of failure – The traditional 12-step program suggests that you are likely to fail, yet they teach their members to be afraid of failure. When you provide someone with a certainty of failure, there is no genuine reason for him or her to be confident in his or her own abilities. Why would someone feel that they are able to combat addiction if you tell them that they cannot possibly hope to do so?
  • Lifetime attendance – It is safe to say that certain people are more prone to addiction than others are. It is entirely possible for someone to go through biophysical detoxification and start using again if they don’t address the underlying aspects that caused him or her to turn to heroin in the first place. Addiction can be a struggle, but it is not something that requires you to sit around in a circle every week for the rest of your life to overcome.
  • One problem, one solution – If we look at the approach that a traditional 12-step program takes, it becomes evident that they are a one-trick pony. These programs focus on singular causes and leave it at that. It is simplistic to assume that addiction has a singular cause. Reversely, when entering some of the best holistic treatment centers, problems such as poor decision-making and erroneous thinking are also addressed. In other words, an answer to the question “why are people turning to drugs in the first place?” is provided.
  • Testimonial based – Traditional 12-step programs do little to nothing for the majority of individuals struggling with a heroin addiction. Every time someone touts a success story about a 12-step program, the story is testimonial based and does not account for the countless individuals who drop out and fail the steps. Holistic alternative rehabilitation programs do not rely on testimonials alone. There are research studies that back up the fact that these modern treatment techniques are far more successful.

The Problem with Toxins

In order to understand why so many users relapse, we have to understand what happens within our bodies. Every time someone uses drugs, it leaves toxins in their system. This is true for marijuana, cocaine, and especially heroin.leaves toxins Eventually these toxins are stored deeply in the body’s fat cells. Here they often lie dormant for quite some time. Over time (this is a natural process) our body breaks down certain fat cells and as a result, these toxins are released back into our bodies. People that continue to use their drug of choice don’t notice this because they are already giving in to their cravings. The problem starts when someone attempts to stop their substance abuse.

These toxins are stored in our fat cells long after someone attempts to stay clean and sober. This means that even when they are determined not to use drugs anymore, this residue is slowly being released into the bloodstream on a continual basis; being exposed to the very drug they are trying not to use anymore. Because the drug residue are released in such small amounts, the body, already accustomed to wanting the drug, is only going to increase the desire for more. This makes it extremely difficult to stop using, because even if the person is sober, they are still exposed to the narcotic without wanting to be.

The Importance of Becoming Truly Clean

Thanks to a biophysical detoxification along with additional holistic treatment protocols, these toxins are flushed out of the body in a rapid, safe process.additional holistic treatment So what does that mean for someone who is trying to recover from heroin addiction? It does not mean that this is a ‘cure’; it simply means that biophysical rehab programs make the entire process much easier to deal with and sets the person up for success. Think of it as starting at a 5-mile race with a 2-mile head start. The person is simply in a better position to achieve their goals – which is what everyone could use if they want to permanently rid themselves of their heroin abuse.

Relapse is not only something that makes people feel worthless and incapable of making a change in their life, it is very dangerous to their health and ever-present risk of overdose. Why would you choose anything other than what would give you the best possible outcome? If you are ready to see what biophysical detox and holistic rehabs can do for you or a loved one, the only thing you have to do is pick up the phone and make that call.