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8 Reasons Why It’s Important to Ask for Help in Recovery

Addiction affects more than just you as an individual. It affects all of the people around you. When you realize you have a problem and are willing to take the steps necessary to get better, you must start by creating a support network. The only way to do this is to ask. Of course, this isn’t easy. But without a strong support group, you will be much more likely to fail and return to your addiction. Asking for help in your recovery is important for many reasons:

8 Reasons Why
  1. It shows you are serious about getting help. When you take that tough step of admitting that you have a problem and that it is too big for you to handle yourself, your supporters will be much more likely to step in and help. They will see you are taking the problem seriously and not just treating it as a minor problem as you may have in the past.
  2. It shows you are not too proud to be helped. Humbling yourself in front of those who you have relationships with is very hard to do. Stepping up and saying you have an issue and need help to fix it will gain their respect and get supporters in your corner.
  3. It shows courage. You may think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, but it is actually the opposite. It shows that you have the courage to take on a problem that is bigger than you and that you trust your support group to help you along the way.
  4. It helps you manage your energy. Recovery isn’t the only thing going on in your life. You still have social and personal issues to deal with outside of addiction, including working, shopping, preparing meals, and so on. By asking for help with some of these things, you can better focus your energy on recovering.
  5. It is a constructive move. Up until now, you’ve depended on drugs or alcohol to help you get through the daily troubles in life. Now, you have the choice to be constructive and start building yourself back up. By asking your family and friends to help, you are rebuilding the foundation of your life.
  6. Recovery is hard, and you’ll need shoulders to lean on. There are going to be times when you want to fall back and just take one hit to get through a tough issue in your life. Asking for help from your friends and family to get through these particularly tough times can be the difference between successful recovery and relapse.
  7. It allows you to make new connections. Asking for help from an addiction recovery program gives you the opportunity to make new friends and connections. People going through the same recovery steps as you can be some of the most motivational supporters you can have.
  8. It opens you up to learning. When you take the step and ask others for help, you are admitting that you don’t know all of the answers and that their input is vital to your recovery.

Don’t isolate yourself from others during this important phase of your life. Ask for help with your recovery and rebuild personal and family relationships. They can be the key to becoming drug-free forever.